2011 Projects

October 26th, 2011

This year has been busy for Gregory Designs

During the winter and spring, we helped complete the design and construction of the new ROV SEIRIOS for NOAA’s Office of Exploration and Research. Todd was the principle mechanical engineer on the project, overseeing the design of the stainless steel frame, arrangement of all components, design of a novel video camera deployment turret,  weights/buoyancy prediction,  and ultimately the construction, assembly, and testing of the vehicle.  SEIRIOS is a 6,000m rated system designed to work in tandem with a neutrally buoyant ROV.  In April, we accompanied a team of ROV pilots and technicians onboard the OKEANOS EXPLORER to perform a set of engineering dives with the new vehicle.  We conducted these dives off the coast of the Channel Islands in California.  After the shake-down cruise, NOAA’s ship and ROV’s proceeded to have a successful season.

Another major project undertaken this year was the design and construction of a new Ocean Bottom Seismometer package for a research group at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Fifteen new packages were constructed and are planned for deployment off the west coast of North America this fall.  These 6,000m rated packages are designed to be deployed from a research ship, descend to the bottom, collect seismic data for one year, then be acoustically triggered to ascend back to the surface for retrieval by another research ship.  The year’s worth of power is supplied by a large suite of lithium batteries, and the data is stored via solid state media through a data acquisition system.  Gregory Designs was the principle mechanical engineer for the  project.

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