E/V NAUTILUS Multibeam

September 30th, 2013

In 2013, the Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) purchased a Kongsberg EM-302 multibeam mapping system for Dr. Robert Ballard’s ship, E/V NAUTILUS.  Todd Gregory provided the conceptual design for the hull’s 3-Dimensional fairing as well as the detail design for installing the ancillary underwater acoustic instruments (USBL, ADCP, Sub-bottom Profiler array).  Project management was conducted by OET port Engineer, Ian Kulin.  Fabrication was overseen by John Toner of Maritime Management.  Testing was assisted by French scientists at IFREMER.

In a 3rd-party assessment of the design, fabrication, and testing of the new system by Gates Acoustic Services, owner Tim Gates states,

“It should be noted that OET was very diligent in pursuing every possible advantage that would increase sonar performance. Significant efforts were made investing in the sonar blister design, which ultimately produced a novel, state‐of-the‐art design by Todd Gregory, that was fabricated to perfection in Tuzla, Turkey under the direction of John Toner. The EM 302 blister on NAUTILUS is a work of art that will be imitated over time by rival oceanographic institutions. The lines are smooth, the surfaces fair and the shape is optimal for providing a platform for very good sonar operations.”

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