NOAA ROV “Deep Discoverer,” aka D2

September 30th, 2013

Beginning in Fall 2012, Gregory Designs took on a major endeavor to completely re-design and re-build a 6,000 msw rated ROV owned by NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research.  Todd Gregory acted as principle Mechanical Engineer for the project.

Very little of the original vehicle was left untouched.  The electronics were repackaged into a single 6,000 msw rated Titanium pressure housing of our design.  The syntactic foam was re-configured.  The hydraulic system was re-worked.  The arrangement and function of all ancillary components of the vehicle were either altered, moved, or replaced.

The vehicle was re-built and tested at a NOAA facility at the University of New Hampshire, the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping, where there is a large fresh-water tank for testing the ROV.  In Spring 2013, the vehicle was shipped to North Kingstown, RI where it was installed and integrated onboard the NOAA ship OKEANOS EXPLORER. Seatrials were conducted in May and June, 2013, off the New England coast in waters up to about 4,000 meters.

The vehicle was christened “Deep Discoverer” after a former NOAA ship of oceanographic exploration, the “DISCOVERER,” serving our country from 1922-1947.  The ROV operations team has lovingly re-dubbed the vehicle “D2,” for short.

D2 just completed its first of many seasons of oceanographic exploration!  Explore more about NOAA’s OER program and the re-birth of their ROV here.


Photo Credit: Art Howard

Photo Credit: Art Howard



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